Stafford Business Events

The Department of Stafford Economic Development and Tourism focuses on business attraction, entrepreneurship, and initiatives that stimulate our regional business economy. Watch our list of business events here so you can get involved in the business and entrepreneurial community in Stafford.

Latest Past Events

Customer Discovery

This two day workshop teaches entrepreneurs and business owners to strategically identify market-driven problems and establish solutions with market pull. COVID-19 has changed most market verticals in fundamental and permanent ways. Learn a tactical approach to understanding these shifts and re-discovering customer needs. It is more critical than ever to validate problem/solution fit before spending […]

COVID-19 Market Shifts Business Support Program

COVID-19 has caused a drastic market shift that will have lasting impact on economic conditions. This program, delivered one evening per week over six weeks, helps existing businesses determine how to navigate these market shifts long term. The content covers fundamental market changes brought on by the pandemic and the technology tools that enable businesses […]


MBA in IoT

Join Stafford’s Entrepreneurial Technology Community, in partnership with RIoT, for a four-week educational workshop series on data-driven business. COVID-19 has accelerated a technology shift towards data-driven business practices and entrepreneurs must evolve accordingly. This four-week educational workshop series focused on the Data Economy and the state of technology today will educate small business owners on […]